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Antonio Basso exhibitions

In 2011 I started exhibiting my abstract paintings. Exhibiting each new abstract collection is like a final test. Allowing viewers and art lovers to contemplate my  creations is like getting naked in front on them, and listening to their opinions is an extraordinary personal experience that I recommend to any artist (even when you don´t like what you hear)

This is why each of my abstract art exhibitions has to be special. It may either be the place where it takes place, the artists with whom I exhibit, the concept around the exhibition, or the special and art-respectful character of the exhibition´s promoter.

I always try to be as close as possible to the people (normally on a one to one talk) coming  to the exhibition. The main objective is trying to make them enjoy and “understand” what they see (quite a difficult thing to do :)). I may sometimes give a little speech explaining what the concept around the abstract paintings is about, or I may even bring some working process and painting tools so that assistants better understand how my creative process goes on.

Committed abstract art observation, when done with willingnes and open mind, has the ability to bring you to unkown unimagined places out of your rational way of thinking, which is an experience 100% worth experimenting.

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