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Decompositions collection

Decompositions is my fifth abstract painting collection. These abstract art creations talk about constant movement, evolution and society´s inevitable changes. They talk about the primitive, the organic, the little by little end of something and the beginning of something new.

Each abstract painting tries to reflect how we humans stick to our comfort zones (what we know and we are used to), and how we avoid change. But change is inevitable, and even if we don´t want to, “outside” forces oblige us to move, to evolve and let our past behind. This may sometimes be a dramatic change and this is what Decompositions try to show.

Each painting may remind you of those ancient civilizations whose rests have arrived to us. We know these societies existed, but many times we don’t really know all about them. This is when we guess about how they lived, how they were and what their symbols meant.

I try to express all the above in a very abstract way, synthesizing these ideas while trying to be as organic, material and primitive as possible. Hope you enjoy them.

Before going on, take a look at this video I filmed. It will surely help you better understand these abstract painting series. Once viewed, I recommend you read the articles right below the video. It is there where I explain the creative process of some of my artworks.