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I understand Basso's artwork as a material painting that unfolds with organic colors, sometimes primitive, between straight lines that draw synthetic plane. A curious and necessary look

Xabier Ribas, Barcelona

Powerful, heterodox and notorious, while close and authentic, the start of something lasting

Ramón Ros, Barcelona

Antonio Basso´s first paintings have always explained me the tension we experience when we aspire to stay conscious and responsible of our character´s complexity . His early "ties" or "knotted" transmit me a completely organic force ... and some kind of anxiety, I will not deny this, but times change and Basso does too. In his later work he shows an overwhelming blue. But in his blue, as in Cezanne´s or Hockney´s blue pools, one can only live alone. His "Spaces" in blue still need light bonds but they are very soft and fully integrated in this unique place that invites, at last, to profoundly breath and remain still and deep ..... heading , as San Juan would say, loneliness sound . I am very glad of the truthfulness and honesty of an artist who starts expressing, uncompromising and deeply, what the gods "dictate" him !!. Congratulations! "

Silvia Tarragó, Barcelona

I´ve just seen your latest works in the link you sent me and I have to make two points, one positive and one that can be negative (for your interest). The positive: SPECTAAAAAACULAR!! Fuck Antonio, seriously, what a progression, your artworks are round, very interesting, and personal. I think you're strengthening the way to convey through your paintings. The negative: With this progression, friends and collectors with an investor spirit will not know when to buy a Basso, because the latter are better than the previous. Like I told you time ago, be sure to experiment, to try, to find over the acceptance of others. All those great painters have been because they have dared to transmit regardless of whether they were in tune with trends or not. The others in any case are those who have pointed to the trend….

Jordi Catañeda, Barcelona

In short, an exceptional artist!.... I like writing. I like even more to write about what I admire, and much more if it's art. Today is Antonio Basso´s artwork turn. An exceptional artist ... exceptional in his path: former businessman, restless, creative, and with an innate ability to express through the canvas. "The choice of a composition, a theme, colors or stand by the artist is quite a responsibility because the possibilities are endless." Antonio Basso. Names like Diebenkorn, Oteiza, Pollock, Rothko, some American minimalists, Miró, and Twombly with his so personal world and freshness on the canvas, are an inspiration to Antonio. Ties, is one of his latest projects of unique beauty, where he masterfully combines the concept of tension, space and matter, colors, and textures in a masterful abstract harmony that surrounds you. Without no doubt a very personal work that leaves a mark. Congratulations Antonio :-)

Yolanda Torres, Ibiza

I recently purchased a small but powerful Basso painting. I decided to hang it in my bedroom so that every night when I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up I can take a look at it and absorb its brightness. I simply love it!"

Natalia Pozo, Barcelona

His paintings inspire me friendship, love and admiration. Design, elegance, modernity, transgression and strength: a lot of power ... That's what I feel when I see your paintings.

Toni Pozo, Barcelona

A painting whose strength is in its efforts to escape from a gentle and friendly art. Sewn linen, cuts and ties that sail in the beauty of darkness; a darkness that for the courage and sincerity with which he paints it becomes lighter.

Laia Aza, Barcelona

Antonio Basso painter ... To those who have known him in the finance business, there is a lot to take in all this. But when you become interested in his artworks, you see it is not a passing whim. Moving on, I like better the later paintings, especially the blue series. A lot!. It is an opinion based on purely aesthetic criteria, of course. I just think they would combine in my living room. I have no further analytical capacity than this. I will try to understand it all a bit better when he would explain me the evolution process. Knowing him, I'm sure there is.

Jaime Enseñat, Bahamas

His creative textures, multiple overlays, the mixture of materials, the color scheme ... Antonio Basso's paintings are full of hidden details you discover every time you stop to observe them. But, undoubtedly, the best of Antonio´s artwork , is the creative process behind each abstract painting, a long way he explains to you, step by step, and with all the excitement of an artist extremely passionate about his work .

Beth Gilberga, Barcelona

Some people give off illusion and enthusiasm, and a spiritual force capable of transmitting to those around them. This is the case of the young artist Antonio Basso. Straight lines, superb colors and textures that blend together in bold and striking compositions, determine a work that bears the stamp of trascendental minimalism of American abstract expressionists and the mysticism and spirituality of the unknown masters of Romanesque art. Like a great magician who combines such time disparate concepts but intrinsically united by their meaning, Antonio Basso creates a very special universe in which each stroke, each node makes us look within for answers.

Ana Maria Trigo, La página escondida. Madrid

Obviously, your work must be appreciated live. As of the matter, force, stroke, comparisons, etc. .. expectations. Congratulations! Wish you the best.

L'ALTRaNGE, Barcelona

Antonio Basso's work has found its way, in addition to been good it is very strong.

Clotilde Roviralta, Sao Paulo

I think Antonio in his abstract painting reflects all his inner strength. As he advances, his creations advance too as the newest linving colors he´s using demostrate. The passion with which he paints is contagious and invites you to accompany him in this process. My best desire for this new year 2013

Pilar García Gil, Barcelona