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Abstract Art marketing | How will Pinterest help you

art marketing with pinterest

Using Pinterest to promote and market your abstract art.

It´s been more than a year since I started using Pinterest (check yasoypintor on pinterest) to promote my abstract art. Initially I thought it would only be another art marketing tool to help me increase my reach, but the truth is that this social media channel has help me in many other ways.

To start, I´m going to give you 10 clues that will help you increase your quality followers on pinterest. The points I´m about to mention I´ve practiced them all. Not only they work but also allow you to be not that hiper active pinning (see my pin to followers rate and compare it with yours). As with many other online marketing strategy, success it´s a question of quality, planning, consistency, specialization, coherence and a lot of craftiness.

So let’s start:

yasoypintor, maketing your art on pinterest

  • On your profile provide a clear description of who you are and what can people expect to see on your boards. Include your website as well as other social media channels where people may find you. (see yasoypintor´s pinterest profile as an example)
  • Remember that your board names and descriptions serve to explain your art specialty, and will certainly help you with your SEO. So be concrete and specific! The more the better.
  • Do not pin everything you like. Just focus on things specifically related to your abstract art specialty or those that may help followers better understand your art and creative process.
  • Be consistent and universal when pinning. Universal means pinning more than just your works. By the way (when pinning your works remember to link each image to your webpage). If you don´t know how to do this, try google search “link image from pinterest to my webpage”. I´m sure you´ll find the answer.
  • Follow and like images from those whose boards content include your art style. For example: if you see and image belonging to someone whose boards do not include anything about abstract art, then why bother following or liking? Not everybody is going to enjoy and be attracted to your art. You must only focus on those who show certain interest about it.
  • yasoypintor, marketing your art
  • Be proactive. Bring new content to pinterest instead of just pinning images from others. Searching images about your art specialty(s) on google will make you discover others talking about it. If they can be potential buyers, exhibitors o distributors of your content, give your opinion on their publications. This will make them know you exist. Then search them in other social media channels for a future better engagement.
  • Search potential followers using words related to your abstract art style. Once you find someone potentially interesting, follow him/her and they may follow you back. When searching potential buyers or exhibitors look his/her profile before following. Can he or she be a buyer? If so follow. If not, it´s up to you to follow them. Remember again to stay focused on those that show abstract art interest on their boards.
  • Search potential followers using words related to those abstract artists you prefer the most. You´ll find people with your same preferences and tastes! Follow them and they may follow you back. Point 7 applies to this one as well.
  • When you see a pinnable image, go to its origin (by clicking on it) and to the image history in order to know who has already pin it. See their profiles. If potentially interesting, follow them and they may do the same if your content is relevant for them.
  • As time goes by keep creating new boards related to your art specialty or any other theme that helps to explain it. Remember to stay FOCUSED!

What 10 more things can Pinterest do for you and your abstract art?

  • You will meet people with your same tastes and preferences (artists, gallerists, art lovers, potential buyers, potential distributors of your content…) This is really amazing!
  • You will discover abstract artists whose art will surely impress you.
  • You will discover interesting art blogs you did not know before. You may want to subscribe to them and/or make them know you exist.
  • You will enjoy yourself seeing and discovering paintings of those preferred master artists you like.
  • You will discover world museums and gallery exhibitions.
  • You will certainly find potential buyers. Depending on how well you engage them (remember they might be using other social media channels) they will someday buy one of your abstract paintings or be willing to exhibit them.You never know.
  • increase engagement
  • It will help you improve your art inspiration by seeing inspiring images.
  • Pinterest helps you keep a data base of all those artists you like and need to watch from time to time.
  • You will see which of your abstract art is liked the most by others.
  • If you write an art blog like I do, it will help you find with new ideas for posts as well as images you may want to include in your future posts. Once these posts are written, remember to pin back their images on pinterest! (they will then become links to your content)

They point on using any social media channel for art marketing is to get as much quality followers as possible. Quality followers for an artist like me are: potential buyers of my art, gallerists that may exhibit it, and art enthusiasts that will help me spreading the word. Besides the points mentioned in the above lists, there are many other useful things you can do through pinterest in order to attract, engage, improve your abstract art, sell it or simply enjoy yourself. Become part of this conversation and in the below comment section include any other useful ideas you´ve practiced.

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I always try to attribute images and videos to their creators. If there is something misattributed or you would like it to be removed, please contact me.
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2 Responses to "Abstract Art marketing | How will Pinterest help you"

  • denny
    December 5, 2013 - 5:00 pm Reply

    I found your artical excellent.
    Some people, “do it”some people “talk about it” ,,,,,,you do both

    • yasoypintor
      January 26, 2014 - 7:28 pm Reply


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