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About abstract art | Becoming a committed abstract painter?

4 abstract painters, so what do I do here? The following is a guest post about modern and contemporary abstract painters written by my friend, art couch and better painter, Xavier Ribas. When Antonio proposed me to write about abstract art commitment while using as example the work of four abstract painters, I accepted the invitation without hesitation, but then I realized that I was a figurative painter, and although …Read More

Richard Diebenkorn, Iconoclast

A great exhibition of one of the most admired XXth abstract artists. I would love to see it!!…. Richard Diebenkorn, Iconoclast May 4, 2012 Let’s cut to the chase. Richard Diebenkorn is an artist of supreme soulful significance. Any opportunity to submerge oneself in his luxuriating hues and intelligent compositions should be immediately embraced. The chance to see an exhibition of 75 paintings, drawings and prints is nothing less than a …Read More

Underwater Sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor

I know, this post is not about abstract art. But what about the human emotions these Jason deCaires Taylor modern sculptures provoke?. Aren´t they similar to the ones that only good abstract artworks fuel?. What happens when you watch a Rothko or a Pollock abstract painting? Come on!!. This is the main reason I decided to reblog this article. The vision of this contemporary sculptures, brings to the light many …Read More

Atribuciones Pop

Interesting how this blogger has found images regarding a theme that has interested artists (both abstract and figurative) for a long long time. Although this is not abstract art, you can see good examples of modern and contemporary. Is it flesh what attracts that much?. What would you say?