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Abstract art painter? Yess! Check the level of this exhibition

Exhibiting my abstract art in a fabulous place.

When I was a kid I wondered what the future would be like. I never, ever imagined I would exhibit my abstract art paintings in Soria. But unthinkable things simply happen, and thanks to my wife and her passionate courage, I showed some of my abstract paintings at this unbeatable contemporary art exhibition!

These are some of the photos taken during the trip my wife, some real good friends and I decided to do following my wife´s initiative. It all happened at Feria de Arte Contemporáno at Medinacelli as well as in the Palacio de la Audiencia de Soria, spectacular places you should surely visit if you ever have the chance.

pd: let me express my absolute thanks to the fair organizers :)

Antonio Basso, abstract art painting

antonio basso, yasoypintor

Antonio Basso, abstract art painting

Antonio Basso, abstract art painting

antonio basso

Palacio Ducal Medinacelli at nigh

abstract art painting, antonio basso

Palacio Ducal Medinacelli at night


My wife and some friends arriving to the exhibition

Thanks Irene for making it happen. With love.

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