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Pintores abstractos y color. Experimentando con el lienzo.

Pintura abstracta que sobrepasa la superficie del lienzo Muchos habéis pedido artículos sobre pintura y arte abstracto en español. A partir de ahora futuros artículos de yasoypintor estarán en los dos idiomas. If you preffer tis post´s english version, click here —- —- —- —- —- Hace unas semanas visité una exposición de arte abstracto en la Galería de arte Senda, una de las más punteras y consolidadas de Barcelona. …Read More

Top abstract colorful artists. When the canvas surface is not enough.

Beyong the canvas surface. Abstract colorful paintings. (should you want to read the Spanish version of this post, click here) Yesterday I had the chance to visit a recommendable art exhibition at Galeria Senda, one of Barcelona´s more pushing and consolidated contemporary art galleries. In this ocassion, abstract paintings of spanish artist Yago Hortal are being exhibited. His paintings and his quite interesting technique not only do not leave you …Read More

Gerhard Richter paintings: top selling living artist

Gerhard Richter abstract paintings auctioned . I´ve read this morning at artprice (the world´s leader in art market information), that Gerhard Richter, an absrtract painter I normally talk about, happens to be the the world’s top selling living abstract artist. In a previous post where I showed you some of Richter´s  most stunning abstract paintings and I explained that what interests me the most is the free painting technique he …Read More