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Abstract Art Exhibition | Contemporary art in Barcelona

Antonio Basso´s contemporary Art in Barcelona. Some months ago I wrote about how the Spanish art market had collapsed, and discussed the need to reinvent the way Galleries exhibit, at least in Barcelona, and why new proposals where needed in order to reactivate the market. Bárbara Aurell, a Barcelona´s interior designer at espacio en blanco, two years ago decided to start exhibiting contemporary art at her fabulous home-studio. Bárbara loves …Read More

The art market collapses. New initiatives needed!!!

Alternative contemporary art initiatives happening. According to a recently published research, the spanish art market has reduced it´s size by a third (from 2007 to 2011). The research includes many probable reasons for this decrease, but the one that calls my attetion the most is “the lack of true art collectors“. There are maaaaany other reasons but let me just make a point here … What about the millions and …Read More

Emerging artists: Contemporary art Barcelona

Barcelonas´emerging artists may see the light Artnou (in english “newart”) is a contemporary art project developed by artbarcelona (Barcelona´s contemporary art galleries association) whose aim is to promote local emerging artists. Eleven well known Barcelona´s contemporary art galleries are exhibiting the proposals of several local emerging artists. They are doing so both in solo and collective exhibitions. Carlos Duran, president of the association and owner of Galería Senda (a contemporary …Read More