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3D abstract art on a street found wodden object

Abstract art on a 3 dimensions´ object Though 3 weeks ago I said I was taking a blog posting rest, I´ve changed my mind and decided to write a new post, this time explaining you the creative process I´ve followed regarding this new 3D abstract art creation developed in my paitning studio in Barcelona for several weeks. It´s finally finished!!!!! It´s taken me a while – read this other post …Read More

I´m taking a writing and inspirational break

Dear reader, for the moths to come, and while working on some new aesthetical concepts that have to do with following inspirations, I have decided to take a writing break regarding this abstract art blog. You can still join me either at yasoypintor´s facebook or pinterest pages. Take care. pd: I will update and include photos of my new creations as they are finished and validated.  

New menus on this abstract art web page

New abstract paintings and abstract art exhibitions This is a fast post. I just want to inform all yasoypintor blog readers that I have opened two new menus on yasoypintor´s web page. The first one is called Decompositions abstract paintings. In this menu I show all the new abstract paintings I´m creating around this new concept I call DECOMPOSITIONS. You can also enjoy a video full on inspiring images, and …Read More

How an abstract artwork boosts creativity

When abstract art propels creativity. Hasn´t it happened to you that the sudden vision of something really amazing and unique (an artwork, a scene in the city, a landscape…) “turns on a special button” that for some unknown reason propels your creativity to levels you had never imagined you could get to before? Doesn´t it happen to you that the more art you see, the more difficult it is to …Read More

Abstract art painter? Yess! Check the level of this exhibition

Exhibiting my abstract art in a fabulous place. When I was a kid I wondered what the future would be like. I never, ever imagined I would exhibit my abstract art paintings in Soria. But unthinkable things simply happen, and thanks to my wife and her passionate courage, I showed some of my abstract paintings at this unbeatable contemporary art exhibition! These are some of the photos taken during the …Read More

Abstract art painting | The muses are still generous with me

New abstract painting collection. Should I thank the muses? Yes. After quite some time around my already finished Space Occupancies abstract art series, I´ve just started a new collection of abstract paintings that promises to be hyper challenging. I hope the muses will still be around to keep offering me their creative generosity! By the way, I recommend you to watch this TED talk where writer Elisabeth Gilbert talks about …Read More

Abstract Art Exhibition | Contemporary art in Barcelona

Antonio Basso´s contemporary Art in Barcelona. Some months ago I wrote about how the Spanish art market had collapsed, and discussed the need to reinvent the way Galleries exhibit, at least in Barcelona, and why new proposals where needed in order to reactivate the market. Bárbara Aurell, a Barcelona´s interior designer at espacio en blanco, two years ago decided to start exhibiting contemporary art at her fabulous home-studio. Bárbara loves …Read More

Abstract Art marketing | How will Pinterest help you

Using Pinterest to promote and market your abstract art. It´s been more than a year since I started using Pinterest (check yasoypintor on pinterest) to promote my abstract art. Initially I thought it would only be another art marketing tool to help me increase my reach, but the truth is that this social media channel has help me in many other ways. To start, I´m going to give you 10 …Read More

Abstract painting masters | rational vs emotional painting

Mondrian vs Pollock abstract painting styles. In the previous post dedicated to Mark Rothko and Joan Miró, I started mentioning some general charateristics that may transform an abstract painting into a universal long lasting fine art masterpiece. Today, I want to continue this interestings talks mentioning two other big master painters and including 3 of their artworks that have already acquired the “masterpiece” attribute. Piet Mondrian: Composition with Red, Blue, …Read More

Abstract master paintings | When a painting becomes a masterpiece

Mark Rothko and Joan Miró abstract masterpieces. There are many reasons why an abstract painting can acquire the “masterpiece consideration” attribute. This article, developed together with spanish figurative painter Xavier Ribas, will show you two perfect examples: the first is a Mark Rothko painting auctioned in 2012, while the other is a Joan Miró´s one that can be seen at the Centre Pompidou in Paris So, why or when an …Read More

Top 3 Modern Art books that could be considered fine art jewelry (I)

Exclusive abstract art masters´books There are several abstract art master´s books that could perfectly be classified a fine art jewelry pieces by any modern, contemporary or abstract art enthusiast. When you have one of those in your hands you really feel special, don´t you?  Once in your hands you have two choices, either closely look at them for a while enjoying each page, or being able to buy and integrate …Read More

Pintores abstractos y color. Experimentando con el lienzo.

Pintura abstracta que sobrepasa la superficie del lienzo Muchos habéis pedido artículos sobre pintura y arte abstracto en español. A partir de ahora futuros artículos de yasoypintor estarán en los dos idiomas. If you preffer tis post´s english version, click here —- —- —- —- —- Hace unas semanas visité una exposición de arte abstracto en la Galería de arte Senda, una de las más punteras y consolidadas de Barcelona. …Read More

Top abstract colorful artists. When the canvas surface is not enough.

Beyong the canvas surface. Abstract colorful paintings. (should you want to read the Spanish version of this post, click here) Yesterday I had the chance to visit a recommendable art exhibition at Galeria Senda, one of Barcelona´s more pushing and consolidated contemporary art galleries. In this ocassion, abstract paintings of spanish artist Yago Hortal are being exhibited. His paintings and his quite interesting technique not only do not leave you …Read More

Black & white abstract painting. An inexhaustible powerful combination (I)

Abstract art paintings: contemporary and modern art artists. When there´s value in an abstract artwork you will appreciate its visual power even if the artist only used black and white. Kandinsky, Klee, Mondrian, Pollock, and many other outstanding abstract artists, at some point of their careers created unforgettable abstract paintings using a black and white combination. We currently live in a world dominated by technology, computers and color TV, which …Read More

The 9 most stunning abstract art facts of the year

Price records, surprinsing exhibtions, new creations, death of … Many sounded things have happened this year in the abstract art world. This post is a small summary of those that have had the highest number of visits and shares at yasoypintor´s abstract art blog or have impressed me the most. Enjoy the reading and feel free to add those abstract or contemporary art events that you consider to be the …Read More

Abstract art painting | Creating, destroying & transforming a painting

Some abstract paintings are more “complicated” than others. The following story is about one of my latest abstract paintings and the +/-  eight months it has taken me to finished it.  Space Occupancy #20  has been pretty tough to create. This fact gives it a special significance and value, at least from an artist point of view… Eight months ago, I bought a fabulous 130×190 cms burlap canvas to paint …Read More