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Cultural online marketing

Abstract Art marketing | How will Pinterest help you

Using Pinterest to promote and market your abstract art. It´s been more than a year since I started using Pinterest (check yasoypintor on pinterest) to promote my abstract art. Initially I thought it would only be another art marketing tool to help me increase my reach, but the truth is that this social media channel has help me in many other ways. To start, I´m going to give you 10 …Read More

Modern Art Museums | The power of online marketing to engage visitors

Great online marketing management by two modern art museums. The story I´m about to explain has to do with personal and online experiencies I´ve just had with two top modern art museums. After visiting (three weeks ago) one of the most interesting modern art museums I´ve ever been in, Museo Fundación Jorge Oteiza, I wrote an article about it and Oteiza´s abstract scultpure,  and sent it by email to the …Read More