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Abstract art : 2011, abstract painting evolution (part II)

Modern art by Antonio Basso: from figurative painting to a modern abstract art concept I finished the previous post with some new a never imagined by me abstract drawings. After making them, my modern art production started to flow again and has not gone back to figurative any more. I made more black and white abstract drawings. After finishing them I decided adding color to the following ones using pastels, …Read More

Modern Abstract Art: First abstract paintings exhibition (some pictures)

I want to share the pictures of my first abstract paintings exhibition made in July 2011 together with 2 yewelry designers (ela www.elajoyas.com , Inma Cañero) and another painter (Nacho Rodriguez) . You´ll see abstract art: pastels on paper, acrylics on canvas, and oils on canvas. It was a 100% success and a super inspiring experience that I recommed to any artist. Three yrs ago this happening was an imposible …Read More