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New menus on this abstract art web page

antonio basso art

New abstract paintings and abstract art exhibitions

This is a fast post. I just want to inform all yasoypintor blog readers that I have opened two new menus on yasoypintor´s web page.

The first one is called Decompositions abstract paintings.

Antonio Basso, abstract art painting

In this menu I show all the new abstract paintings I´m creating around this new concept I call DECOMPOSITIONS. You can also enjoy a video full on inspiring images, and some links to different posts I´ve written around this curious concept that has entirely captured my attention, creativity and thinking during these last months since I decided that the previous collection Space Occupancies abstract painting was 100% finished. It´s interesting how obsessive a concept can become for an artist :)

 Antonio Basso, abstract art painting

The other new menu is called Antonio Basso abstract painting exhibitions even though I´m not that active exhibiting my abstract art, I have decided to show everybody the different abstract art exhibitions I´ve done so far and the reasons that motivate me to do them. On the menu you can enjoy the pictures of three exhibitions. Two of these alternative painting exhibitions happened in Barcelona while the other took place at the same time in Soria city and Medinaceli´s Palacio Ducal Contemporary art fair (Spain).

 Antonio Basso, abstract art exhibitions

Hope you enjoy what you see.

By the way I´m preparing an interesting post about Spanish painter Antonio Tapies´ exhibition that is currently taking place in Barcelona´s MNAC museum. I you have any chance to visit it, I really recommend you not to miss it! I have already written several posts about Antonio Tapies art and museum exhibitions, but this last one is surely one of the best I´ve ever been in.

Antonio Tapies

Antoni Tapies exhibition at MNAC


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