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Art exhibitions

Abstract art painter? Yess! Check the level of this exhibition

Exhibiting my abstract art in a fabulous place. When I was a kid I wondered what the future would be like. I never, ever imagined I would exhibit my abstract art paintings in Soria. But unthinkable things simply happen, and thanks to my wife and her passionate courage, I showed some of my abstract paintings at this unbeatable contemporary art exhibition! These are some of the photos taken during the …Read More

Pintores abstractos y color. Experimentando con el lienzo.

Pintura abstracta que sobrepasa la superficie del lienzo Muchos habéis pedido artículos sobre pintura y arte abstracto en español. A partir de ahora futuros artículos de yasoypintor estarán en los dos idiomas. If you preffer tis post´s english version, click here —- —- —- —- —- Hace unas semanas visité una exposición de arte abstracto en la Galería de arte Senda, una de las más punteras y consolidadas de Barcelona. …Read More

Top abstract colorful artists. When the canvas surface is not enough.

Beyong the canvas surface. Abstract colorful paintings. (should you want to read the Spanish version of this post, click here) Yesterday I had the chance to visit a recommendable art exhibition at Galeria Senda, one of Barcelona´s more pushing and consolidated contemporary art galleries. In this ocassion, abstract paintings of spanish artist Yago Hortal are being exhibited. His paintings and his quite interesting technique not only do not leave you …Read More

The 9 most stunning abstract art facts of the year

Price records, surprinsing exhibtions, new creations, death of … Many sounded things have happened this year in the abstract art world. This post is a small summary of those that have had the highest number of visits and shares at yasoypintor´s abstract art blog or have impressed me the most. Enjoy the reading and feel free to add those abstract or contemporary art events that you consider to be the …Read More

Modern Art Museums | The power of online marketing to engage visitors

Great online marketing management by two modern art museums. The story I´m about to explain has to do with personal and online experiencies I´ve just had with two top modern art museums. After visiting (three weeks ago) one of the most interesting modern art museums I´ve ever been in, Museo Fundación Jorge Oteiza, I wrote an article about it and Oteiza´s abstract scultpure,  and sent it by email to the …Read More

Mark Rothko paintings vs Hiroshi Sugimoto photography

Comparing Mark Rothko paintings with Hiroshi Sugimoto´s photography. London´s Pace Gallery a leading contemporary art gallery is exhibiting Mark Rothko paintings and Hiroshi Sugimoto´s seascapes. The abstract paintings and landscape photographies exhibited are worldwide considered as masterpieces. As you may already know, Rothko said that his colorful abstract paintings represented men´s inner and mainly desperate, sad, “depressive” moods. It all had to do with men´s existance self pain. He was …Read More

Christies abstract art auction: Towmbly, Diebenkorn, Joan Mitchell…

Abstract Art auction Nov. 15 2012. This is a fast but visual abstract art post. Christies is having their Nov 15 Post War and Contemporary morning sale, whose focus is on paintings, sculpture, and works on paper from the Post-War period, including works from Diebenkorn, Rothko, Motherwell, Joan Mitchell and Cy Twombly just to name a few… If I had the money, I would surely bid for some of the …Read More

Online art: Artsia, first curated fine art marketplace

Buy fine art online at Artsia. The artist-buyer relationship got complicated after the era of commissioned works came to a close. Once artists moved from structured portraiture and landscapes into realms of their own inspiration, buyers had to physically move from gallery to gallery to find what they were looking for. The introduction of the internet seemed to offer a solution, but the “mega websites” that have sprung up since …Read More

MOMA, Antonio Tapies, Kandisky…: 4 great art exhibitions

Modern and contemporary art exhibitions: MOMA, Tapies, Kandinsky, Joan Miró… Right now and in the coming months, there are some great contemporary and modern art exhibitions happening that you don´t want to miss. The above Antoni Tapies paintings plus 40 additional ones, one of which Ochre and Black with Pasted on Cloth from 1972  I really wanted to see, is taking place at the Musee D´Art Modern of Ceret (south …Read More

Emerging artists: Contemporary art Barcelona

Barcelonas´emerging artists may see the light Artnou (in english “newart”) is a contemporary art project developed by artbarcelona (Barcelona´s contemporary art galleries association) whose aim is to promote local emerging artists. Eleven well known Barcelona´s contemporary art galleries are exhibiting the proposals of several local emerging artists. They are doing so both in solo and collective exhibitions. Carlos Duran, president of the association and owner of Galería Senda (a contemporary …Read More

Contemporary modern art: Abstract Sculptures by Laurent “Lo”

Fabulous abstract sculptures exhibition in Barcelona. Has it ever happened to you seeing contemporary modern art of a unique kind that you just can stop thinking about it? update: This post as many previous ones collapsed some time ago!. Sorry. You will not be able to see the images but you can still enjoy the links, take a look at the artists names a read current posts you´ll fine on …Read More

Contemporary art: Damien Hirst´s abstract paintings

How much do you like Damien Hirst´s abstract paintings?. A marketing king probably surpassing Picasso. A multifaceted and controversial contemporary artist with a lot of punch. A modern business man with a bunch of collaborators who make part or most of his abstract art (like Velazquez, Rubens, Kiefer, Halley and many others did or do). This post as many previous ones collapsed some time ago!. Sorry. You will not be …Read More

Modern art paintings: The Nahmad Collection

Abstract art by: Miró, Kandinski, Malevich and Lucio Fontana These days, an important modern art (sXX) exhibition takes place at the Zurich’s Kunsthaus museum. The abstract and non abstract paintings showed belong to the Nahmad´s family exclusive, impressive  and wide art collection (sources say it has more than 4.000 works), from which they have only chosen a houndred!!.

Modern abstract paintings: Les 3 bleus de Joan Miró

Best Abstract Art by Joan Miró I finally enjoyed three unique abstract paintings in the history of abstract art history. They are the “three blues” of the great abstract surrealism painter Joan Miró. Check also this article to exclusively see Miro´s most valuable abstract painting. I’ve seen them in the anthology that is taking place in the Joan Miro Foundation in Barcelona. I recommend that all amateur  and abstract painting …Read More