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MOMA, Antonio Tapies, Kandisky…: 4 great art exhibitions

Modern and contemporary art exhibitions: MOMA, Tapies, Kandinsky, Joan Miró

Right now and in the coming months, there are some great contemporary and modern art exhibitions happening that you don´t want to miss.

Antoni Tapies

The above Antoni Tapies paintings plus 40 additional ones, one of which Ochre and Black with Pasted on Cloth from 1972  I really wanted to see, is taking place at the Musee D´Art Modern of Ceret (south France, close to the Spanish border) until October the 14 th. It´s a tribute to this recently dead informalist artist.

This morning, while walking around Barcelona thinking about the article I´m writing right now, I have curiously passed by Antoni Tapies Foundation and have walked in to see what was going on (to me, watching Tapies paintings it´s kind of a therapeutic act).  Wow!!!. You don´t want to miss this!!! Really!!! Not only the paintings choosen and exhibition´s theme are interesting (Tapies lastest 12 yrs paintings where he reflected about live, death and sexuality), but also the lay out is formidable. Paintings hung from above so that you can walk around them. The atmosphere is superior. Don´t miss it if you can (until Nov 4th).

Tapies modern art

Let´s continue with something I really would like to see but it may be difficult (… anyway, who knows!!). The New York´s Guggenheim is exhibiting until April 2013, Kandinsky 1911–1913, and exhibition that “highlights paintings completed at the moment the artist made great strides toward complete abstraction and published his aesthetic treatise, On the Spiritual in Art (1911, though dated 1912)”.

From October 24ht until February 24th, Joan Miró´s foundation in Barcelona, will exhibit Explosion! The legacy of Jackson Pollock, which will “explore the web of influences and connections that emerged from “action painting” and the work of its main exponent, Jackson Pollock (1912-1956). From the late 1940s, the notion of painting as action, opened up an enormous field of possibilities that resulted in performance art and in the innovative arts practices known as Conceptual Art.

And to finish this article, the one that I believe would be this year´s most interesting abstract art exhibition. The Moma (museum of modern art New York) presents Inventing Abstraction 1910-1925 an  exhibition that “brings together many of the most influential works in abstraction’s early history”. Those artists where real art heroes and we owe them a lot. If now a days abstraction is not yet understood, can you imagine the social reactions it caused a houndred years ago?.

What about you? Have you latelly visited any contemporary or abstract art exhibition (either at a museum or gallery) worth sharing here?. Any other upcoming exhibition you would like to comment so that we all get to know it?. Feel free to do so at the comment section below.

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