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About abstract art: this week´s greatests discoveries (IV)

Inspiring abstract art discoveries Last week´s abstract art inspirations found where again quite interesting… Abstract paintings by Mark Rothko and spanish NY school abstract artists Esteban Vicente;  astonishig contemporary architecture by Mount Fuji Architecs, Stuido Ko hallucinatory Marrakesh villa, an intriguing kitchen´s photography of a Tomoaki Uno architects house and a fascinating Richard Serra sculpture. Enjoy them! In my previous about abstract art article, I started talking about the concept …Read More

About abstract art: These week´s best discoveries and inspirations (III)

About abstract art inspirations. Abstract contemporary art, modern artists, abstract paintings, photography, architecture, links to articles… this is the kin of content you will find on these article series. See some other painting inspirations here Looking for images about overlaping planes, colors and shadows, I got to find the above and below pictures which I included in my pinterest space occupancy board. They are examples of Luis Barragán architecture. He …Read More

Alucinando en la fundación maxxi

En nuestro viaje a Roma, donde nos quedábamos 4 días y nos vimos “obligados” a alargar hasta 9, vimos verdaderas maravillas. En el último post hablé sobre Bomarzo, uno de los lugares más mágicos en los que he estado en mi vida. Hoy quiero hablaros de la fondacionemaxxi  www.fondazionemaxxi.it .Es un verdadero nuevo museo del siglo XXI. El contenido es interesante, más o menos entendible, pero en cualquier caso interesante. …Read More