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About abstract art: this week´s greatests discoveries (IV)

Inspiring abstract art discoveries

Last week´s abstract art inspirations found where again quite interesting… Abstract paintings by Mark Rothko and spanish NY school abstract artists Esteban Vicente;  astonishig contemporary architecture by Mount Fuji Architecs, Stuido Ko hallucinatory Marrakesh villa, an intriguing kitchen´s photography of a Tomoaki Uno architects house and a fascinating Richard Serra sculpture. Enjoy them!

esteban vicente abstract art


In my previous about abstract art article, I started talking about the concept “space occupancy”. This is the name I´ve given to a new conceptual abstract painting series I will be showing and explaning in future articles. The above Esteban Vicente´s painting helped me undestand the concept much better.

Mark Rothko black painting

Mark Rothko, Untitled (White, Blacks, Grays on Maroon), 1963

Then this fabulous Rothko painting. It´s interesting how both colors (black and white) when used together, reciprocally empower themselfs.

japanese architecture

The above is a great example of a plane over another plane, which has a lot to do with the “space occupancy concept” I´ve just talked about. One plane hides the other(s) but we know and “see” there´s something behind, even if we don´t entirelly see it. In this picture the concept is even more obvious because the facade is perforated, allowing us to sense what´s behind but at the same time inhibiting us to see it. Does it generates tension and questions on you?. It makes me think about a life´s continuos search…

japanese minial architecture

The same applies to this Tomoaki Uno kitchen, where the wall breaks it all and does not allow us to see what´s behind. It´s intriguing!!. The light focus helps!!. Is there someone or something behind? Is something just now going to happen?. Don´t you see the geometrical abstract composition? Fascinating!!!

japanese minimal architecture

If you want to see a maravellous and dream place, I recommend you check all the photos of this Marrakesh Villa by french Studio Ko. Who would not like to live there? Planes over planes, perspectives all around, organic textures, relaxing lineal shadows…. Simply superb.

Richard Serra sculpture

Richard Serra Strike To Roberta and Rudy corden steel 1969-1971

And finally the above Ricard Serra “sculpture”. It has everything it needs to have. It simbolices many things. You just can´t stop watching it asking yourself what is this all about. You know there´s something going on. Maybe you cant´exlplain it. But you know… Is it the tension of the stretched rectangle?; the lights around it?; the shadows?; the depht?, the material used?; is it going to break?; how does it delicatelly sustain itself?; what does it mean?; does it need a meaning?…. and on and on and on and on …..

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