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Modern Abstract Art: First abstract paintings exhibition (some pictures)

I want to share the pictures of my first abstract paintings exhibition made in July 2011 together with 2 yewelry designers (ela www.elajoyas.com , Inma Cañero) and another painter (Nacho Rodriguez) . You´ll see abstract art: pastels on paper, acrylics on canvas, and oils on canvas. It was a 100% success and a super inspiring experience that I recommed to any artist. Three yrs ago this happening was an imposible …Read More

Exclusive abstract art: city matrix

It all began long ago when I came across a spectacular photo of HK city. You could see accumulated large and small buildings next to each other. The image was very powerful. Can you see it?. From there I started my thinking related to stress, overcrowding, repetition, kaos, thousands of thoughts that cross, limits of which we can not get out “but we think we are out of them” …. …Read More

Moden Abstract paintings exhibition

A medida que pasa el tiempo soy de la opinión que mi vida puede ser una consecución de paradojas todas ellas necesarias para que pueda  ser lo que soy hoy, y seguir creciendo en espiral (como me dijo una amiga que me hizo hace poco la carta astral). Parajoda: paradoja que, además, termina siendo cruel para alguna de las partes… (definición que he encontrado gugueleando por ahí) Pues bien, hablando …Read More