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Mark Rothko paintings vs Hiroshi Sugimoto photography

Comparing Mark Rothko paintings with Hiroshi Sugimoto´s photography.

London´s Pace Gallery a leading contemporary art gallery is exhibiting Mark Rothko paintings and Hiroshi Sugimoto´s seascapes. The abstract paintings and landscape photographies exhibited are worldwide considered as masterpieces.

As you may already know, Rothko said that his colorful abstract paintings represented men´s inner and mainly desperate, sad, “depressive” moods. It all had to do with men´s existance self pain. He was obssesed about transmiting this, and during over 20 years he almost finished with any possible color combinations trying to explain it. But people did not agree with Rothko and considered his paintings transmited right the opposite: joy, happiness, relaxation…

rothko greys and blacks

Rothko Pace Gallery Exhibition

I do believe that Rothko right at the end of his artistic career and life, finally found the way to transmit what he had tryed for almost two decades. This grey abstract paintings exhibited in London reflect what I mean. See also this for more interesting black and white painting examples

If you are a Mark Rothko fan willing to know a bit more about this painter, I recommend you the following easy to read, well written, ilustrated and economic Taschen book. It will give you an overall idea of his abstract art and history. Click on the image below to see the details.

While if you really want to get a more detailed and complete view, check his definitive catalogue raisonne (with a 40% discount). This is a higher value book, one of those many art fans would be delighted to have at his own library! Click on the image for further details.

Rothko. Catalogue Raisonné

sugimoto photography, rothko paintings,

Hiroshi Sugimoto seascapes

What Iroshi Sugimoto does has nothing to do with what Rothko did, although the final art work, in this case photography, may seem similar. I believe this japanese polyvalent artist mainly tryes to capture light right in a concrete moment. He doesn´t talk about emotions, although the photographies may transmit them. If you are a Sugimoto´s seascapes photography lover, his splendid retrospective book will surely interest you. I´ve found it with a 35% discount. Click on the image.

Hiroshi Sugimoto. Retrospective book.

To me, the final result is not as powerful as Rothko black and grey paintings, and obvious similarities have to do with the fact that both artists divided the surface in two simetrical parts and used the same palete.

Mark Rothko, colorful rothko, rothko wild colors, rothko auction

Mark Rothko. Orange and yellow

Let me propose you all an interesting and more optimistic exhibition where Rothko colorful paintings would be confronted with Hiroshi colorful photography. It would also be interested to see both artworks at the same place and instead of the sadness and hardness we feel while watching the current London Pace art exhibition, emotions of joy, enthusiasm and positive energy would emerge all around. Dont´you agree? :)

blog. Hermes. Sugimoto Basel

I´m not going to be able to visit this exhibition. If you have the lucky chance to do it, please explain your oppinion about it here?. What do you have to say about the above art works?

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