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Modern art paintings: The Nahmad Collection

Abstract art by: Miró, Kandinski, Malevich and Lucio Fontana

These days, an important modern art (sXX) exhibition takes place at the Zurich’s Kunsthaus museum. The abstract and non abstract paintings showed belong to the Nahmad´s family exclusive, impressive  and wide art collection (sources say it has more than 4.000 works), from which they have only chosen a houndred!!.

yasoypintor, contemporary art, abstract art, exclusive art

This familly of discrete art dealers and art passionates, have accumulated since 1960 one of the most important private art collection in the world. Their modern art collection includes names like Miró (one of my favourite alltime abstract art masters), Picasso (it seems they have around 200 works of him) , Monet, Matisse, Kandinsky (of whom they also own a very big number of abstract paintings), Lucio Fontana, and Malevich … just to name a few.

yasoypintor, contemporary art, abstract art, exclusive art

They are considered to be the most important art dealers in the world, and according to what I´ve red about them (at the end of this post you can find the links of some of the art articles I have found about their possesions and art dealing practices) they are the ones who have sold the biggest number of fineart works in auctions.

yasoypintor, contemporary art, abstract art, exclusive art

It seems they mainly deal with secure artist´s names, but I have also discovered that one of the younger members of the family (also an art lover) has oppened an art gallery in London where they show contemporary art, including not that consacrated artists. These are good news for artists like me, aren´t they? :)

yasoypintor, contemporary art, abstract art, exclusive art

Any way, the exclusive modern art painting collection today at Zurich seems to be “a must visit” for art lovers, and the beauty of the set exhibited together with having the possibility to enjoy it, in my opinion exceeds the critics that have appeared around this magnificent art event, don´t you agree? (some of the critics say that the reason they are exhibiting the art collection is to add value to it)

yasoypintor, contemporary art, abstract art, exclusive art

Are you familiar with the way this art dealer´s family have accumulated their top modern art collection?. What are your thoughts about it? Please comment and share this article so that others can comment aswell.

My personal oppinion as an art lover is that I don´t care about how this family makes money. And that as a super abstract art lover and abstract art painter I would love to be invited to enjoy their Kandinsky´s, Miro´s and Fontana´s all together.

Please share your oppinion below.

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