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3 astonishing art installations that will open your eyes… Hopefully

About contemporary art: unique art installations. I´ve already written twice about contemporary art installations, best modern art installations (which had lots of success and includes a list of recommended books) and art installations II. One of the most amazing things about contemporary art installations is the ability of artists that create them. They transform a small immaterial thought into big unique material expression. I call this process the literal alchemy …Read More

Contemporary art: Damien Hirst´s abstract paintings

How much do you like Damien Hirst´s abstract paintings?. A marketing king probably surpassing Picasso. A multifaceted and controversial contemporary artist with a lot of punch. A modern business man with a bunch of collaborators who make part or most of his abstract art (like Velazquez, Rubens, Kiefer, Halley and many others did or do). This post as many previous ones collapsed some time ago!. Sorry. You will not be …Read More