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Abstract art inspirations: Week´s best art discoveries (I)

Abstract art, modern art, contemporary art, photography, modern art museums, artists….

This post as many previous ones collapsed some time ago!. Sorry. You will not be able to see the images but you can still enjoy the links, take a look at the artists names a read current posts you´ll fine on this abstract art blog´s home page

Being an insatiably curious abstract artist helps me discover new things each week. They range from art articles and photography, to modern art exhibitions, art contests, contemporay art galleries, paintings and artists I did or did not know….. It´s a never ending list that either inspires me or becomes part of my general art knowledge.

Starting today I´ll share them with you on a weekly basis. Hope you enjoy them, help spread the word, and dare sharing your´s in the comment section at the end of these article series.

Yesterday I saw the below Dinalva Barros photography. Uauuuuu!!!!. Love the color palete,  compositions and atmospheres this fashion stylists creates. When watching them I see color combinations I may probably use in the future.

Another of my week´s discovery was the abstract art of Emily Kame Kngwarreye, an Australian aborigen artist whose paintings are quite inspiring. At yasoypintor facebook´s page and at my personal pinterest page I shared more of her paintings together with the other abstract art artists ones.

What else?…. Well, if you read in spanish do not mis this interesting article about todays contemporary art world market. It talks about art fairs, art auction prices and records, contemporary and modern art collectors preferences … Quite interesting.

The above is a Sarah Morris painting. If you have red previous yasoypintor posts, you may already know that Sarah Morris is one of may preferred contemporary abstract artists. This week I found this Tate Modern link about her abstract art which is worth giving a look.

Should you be willing to present one of your creations to a contest, this week I found the basis for the Spanish BMW painting contest. I am determined to present one of my creations. Will you?

I want to finish this week´s discoveries with two impressive pictures. One is a fantastic Sam Francis abstract painting. The other, taken by © Carlo Borlenghi, deals with my latest creations. I showed them to a very good friend and best artistic mentor (Xavier Ribas). They talk about wind, tension and color, and I got the inspiration from a beautiful sailing boat painting of the nineteenth. When watching them, Xavier said the following “Do not paint sails. Instead, give form to wind”. This is the type of advice that truly helps me going deeply forward. Thanks Xavi.

So, what have your latest art findings been?. Please comment and add below. The more discoveries we share, the more interesting and nutritive these articles will be for all of us. The world is huge, and the are many interesting things out there.


I alwasy try to attribute images and videos to their creators. If there is something misattributed or you would like it to be removed, please contact me.
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