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Best Modern Abstract Art: 4 great modern art installations (I)

Contemporary Abstract Art worth watching.

The next articles will talk about great modern abstract and nonabstract installations that I´ve discovered around the world. What a pleasure being a gifted contemporary artist able to imagine, create and exhibit an installation!!.

Each of the following 4 contemporary artworks have somethings in common: super visual power, and a personal artist expression behind them. You may like them or not. You may or may not agree with the artist statement, but I can guarantee you that once seen you will not forget them.

update: This post images collapsed some time ago!. You will not be able to see them but you can still enjoy the links, take a look at the artists names a read current posts you´ll fine on this abstract art blog´s home page or this article also dealing with art installations

This is mexican artist Damian Ortega´s  “Controller of the Universe”. It was made in 2007. It consists of  suspended hand tools pointing outward. Do you see the explosion?. It reminds me of an article I wrote about abstract artists implosions and explosions. Do you think it talks about contemporary society exploding?

Check the following book about Installation Art, where Claire Bishop provides both a history and a full critical examination of installation art. For additional info click the image.

Installation Art. A 5 star book.

Now is the turn for this sympathetic skull vomiting lots of colorful pieces of paper. This brilliant installation was made by Miami street art artist Typoe. What do you think the skull is vomiting?. Guess and write it at the end of this article. It will be interesting to read all our opinions.

Another good 5 star book about installation art withChristo, James Turrell and Hans Haacke examples, media pieces by Wolf Vostell, Joseph Kosuth and others; the museum works of Barbara Bloom and Mike Kelley….. Click on the image to know more

A global range of installations

What Spanish contemporary artist Alicia Martin does is unforgetable. The choosen place was Madrid. The idea behind …. Again this is your turn. What do think she talks about?. Please go ahead and share it with us below.

And to finish this article the subtle, elegant, delicate, colorful, efimeral (or not) abstract installations made by Anne Lindberg. Come one, what do you think she expresses? What is the idea behind her delicate modern abstract art?

Another installation art book with 5 star classification. As the description says “The term installation art describes a diverse array of provocative artworks that bring viewers inside an artist’s creation rather than allowing them to stand passively before a static imageand covering”. Click the image for further details.

Installation art in the new millenium

Some modern art does not need any further explanation than what you see and feel inside while observing it.

Do you know any other artist doing abstract or non abstract installations?. If so, please share them below and also give your thoughts about the above fantastic artworks.

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I alwasy try to attribute images and videos to their creators. If there is something misattributed or you would like it to be removed, please contact me.


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7 Responses to "Best Modern Abstract Art: 4 great modern art installations (I)"

  • edward jensen
    April 7, 2012 - 1:31 pm Reply

    Trying to explain a work of Abstract is like trying to explain God’s intentions of creation. As an abstract artist myself, I have no idea what my paintings supposedly represent. They are simply what you see, and nothing more. When one begins to describe the beauty one experiences while viewing Abstract art, the words only detract from the mental process. While the mind perceives beauty in one area of the brain, known as the Aesthetic, which is located in the right hemisphere, descriptions and explanations take place in the left hemisphere, where language skills are located. People who try to describe Abstract works of art only deny themselves the true beauty of those works.

    • yasoypintor
      April 10, 2012 - 10:01 am Reply

      Hi Edward, I do agree with you 50%. I agree with the fact that some modern abstract paintings do not need rational explanations. For these cases, abstract is 100% abstract, hence you can not explain them trying to bring the artworks to the “figurative world”. But in other cases, behind an abstract painting there is a concept. In those cases abstract can be fully explained without loosing any freshness. Anyway, what I try to make people do in this article, is simple guessing in order to let them freely explain what they feel or think about what they see. To me this is a free and interesting way of experimentation with conceptual abstract art, and finally helps people appreciate what they see without needing any explanation.

      Thanks again for writing a interesting reflexion on this blog. See you soon around.


      Antonio Basso

  • Christopher Kennedy
    June 3, 2012 - 2:11 pm Reply

    While I agree with what Edward is saying with regard to totally abstract works of art, (and I am an abstract photographer), I don’t think it necessarily applies to all of the above installations, which in my humble opinion are not quite as abstract as an abstract painting might be because in at least two of the cases there are highly recognizable objects that not only allow us to come up with our interpretation but practically force us to because of the actions within the pieces.

    For Damian’s piece, although created with recognizable objects, its title says everything we need to know about it. That immediately allows our brains to do what they will with the visual information, and I’m enjoying that! For both Typoe’s and Alicia’s pieces, they demand an animated conversation. They’re very fun to look at and I want to talk about them with someone, discuss my own interpretation and see what others think, because regardless of what the artist was thinking (or not) they inspire imagination. I’m assuming the skull is vomiting post-it notes?! As for the books, my own interpretation is that perhaps it’s meant to illustrate in a wonderfully visual way, the number of books we read only once in a lifetime. Certainly it doesn’t matter what my interpretation is anymore than it matter’s what the artist had in mind, if indeed there was anything in mind at all. But to not be inspired to think by something so visually inspirational, you’d have to be brain dead!

    Anne’s is the most abstract of them all and as such definitely falls into the category of ‘just look, keep looking and be absorbed by it.’ I love it for it’s total abstractness. But because I’m a person highly moved by whatever it is I see, I’m also allowed to say that I love what I perceive as it’s sense of motion/speed. To me, it’s like the magic of time passing through the walls of our imagined reality.

    • yasoypintor
      June 3, 2012 - 8:31 pm Reply

      Hello Christopher. First off all thanks a lot for adding this long, interesting, serious a valuable comment. Not everybody takes the time to do what you have done, which surely helps developing an interesting and deeper conversartion about what is being shown.

      I do agree with some of your points. Some of the installations shown ar not abstract. Let me just explain that allthought the tille reads abstract art: ……, right in the beggining of the text I say that “what you are about to see are both abstract and nonabstract installations”. Sorry for the misunderstanding the tittle may have caused you.

      Regarding your comments, I do not agree with you about Damian´s Ortega installation. Yes the objects are familiar, but the way they are used and the title may give you some clues but still the way it is made to me is kind of abstract or maybe I should say “Duchamp´s style” because objects are used in a new way which is different to their instrinsic meaning. Anyway thanks for pointing it out.

      Absolutelly agree with what you say about Alicia´s and Typoe´s ones, they really deserve a good conversation. As far as I´m concerned, Alicia´s installation deals with the “world of information overload” we all live in. Fantastic, isn´t it?. Typoe´s one I have not been able to find it´s meaning. To me he is vomiting somenthing and I do interpret it as colorful garbage that could have something to do with society. But that is my own interpretation.

      Anne´s as you say “is the most abstract of them all and as such definitely falls into the category of ‘just look, keep looking and be absorbed by it.” Thanks for translating into words your thoughts. This is not an easy task (at least to me :).

      What ever the case, again thanks a lot for inducing a deeper conversation on the art shown in this post.

      Regards and hope to read you around here more often.

      ps: congratulations for your abstract photography.

      Antonio Basso

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