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Emerging artists: Contemporary art Barcelona

Barcelonas´emerging artists may see the light

Artnou (in english “newart”) is a contemporary art project developed by artbarcelona (Barcelona´s contemporary art galleries association) whose aim is to promote local emerging artists.

Eleven well known Barcelona´s contemporary art galleries are exhibiting the proposals of several local emerging artists. They are doing so both in solo and collective exhibitions.

Carlos Duran, president of the association and owner of Galería Senda (a contemporary art gallery where Peter Halley exhibited this year) says “there are young artists in Barcelona, the city has talent and our responsibility is to drive it “

Marla jacarilla

Last week, Marla Jacarilla´s with her clever and reasoned installation Notas al pie de Dublinesca (2012), won the price “best emerging artist of this emerging art proposal”.

This new contemporary art proposal is promosing. Our contemporary art galleries need to reinvent themselfs and must develope new ideas to do so. Besides, Barcelona is an international city visited by millions of people each year, of whom many are art passionates, collectors….. (if you are one of those, profit this 5 museum ticket discount I´ve found), and may perfectly make the most of what it already has and be transformed into a unique and specialized cultural city. (this debate has been out there for years. One of the main problems relies on the fact that we are used to compare Barcelona to other cities instead of believing on its uniqueness.)

Our cultural offer is wide: the city design, its impressive unique buildings and street sculptures, Museo Picasso, Fundación Miró, Fundación Antoni Tapies, Caixa Forum, MACBA, MNAC, SWAP emerging art fair, art galleries, street art, art incubator factories … just to name a few. It´s only a question of willingness and right planning to transform Barcelona into something contemporary and culturally world wide inviting and unique. We´ll see what happens.

What´s your oppinion about this new emerging artists exhibiton proposal? Should contemporary art galleries always help in the developement of new art proposals?. What do you think Barcelona needs to be transformed into a unique contemporary art city?

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